Jawosimi with the VC


UNILAG MANAGEMENT vs ULSU; an axiomatic case of the betrayal and the betrayed.

When you are betrayed by someone, it is highly likely that you will not easily trust them again. Trust is fragile and can be lost instantly or there is a hysteresis whereby a long-earned trust may be eroded and then suddenly lost.

The above analogy is the perfect description of what the University management is trying to create between the Students’ Union executives and the students populace.

Rewind back to August, earlier in the last semester when the student union had series of meetings with the management. The management gave a vivid impression about the possibility of conducting mop-up GST at the end of the session. Hope was raised and expectations kindled.

Beam of Smiles radiated across the the University community as thousands of students whose hope of graduating alongside their course mates were raised. The University management was applauded throughout different quarters as it wasn’t only a welcome development but also acceptance of a faulty curriculum in good faith.

The celebration was not limited to students having GST EXAMS to write, students on industrial training (IT) that were also victims of the complicated registration process radiated happiness in hope that their SIWES course will be registered.

Today makes it the fifth month dialogue with the management has been on-going. Letters were written, to the DSA, to academic affairs, to CILPU, director of GST and even to the Vice Chancellor. Meetings were held on more than ten occasion with ULSU relaying the outcome to the students each time. Time and again, hope was raised and the students believed.

Until last week when expectations were dashed and trust betrayed, ULSU had been encouraging students, telling them that mop-up GST will be conducted and IT course registered. The management played out the 2015 set of ULSU executives making them believe all along only to break their heart when their tenure had expired knowing fully well that they won’t be able to pursue and pressurize them on GST and IT registration again. They played a quick and wise one on ULSU. They succeeded in projecting ULSU promises as empty and portraying the executives as people without integrity.

But it will not work. The era of not accepting culpability is long gone. What will it take the management to accept the loopholes in its curriculum? Why must students always be victims of an abnormal curriculum? Isn’t it obvious that the major reason students have GST EXAMS to write is not because they failed but rather because of the poorly designed nature of the curriculum? Hasn’t the management noticed that most direct entry students don’t graduate in due time as a result of this GST EXAMS? Can’t the management look further their nostrils to see that convocation ceremony will not be glamorous as only few percentage of the students will be graduating?

The University of Lagos Students must rise to this and stand for their rights.

We call on all student leaders, everyone who are in need of GST MOP UP EXAMS, all students who have not registered their SIWES course but are presently on IT and all lovers of truth to converge on Wednesday, 9th of December, 2015 by 7.30am so as to stand together for our students and demand for what is theirs.

Comrade Martins Abiodun